Demobilisation: $210.00
Model : AW-3509

The Test Hydraulic Power Unit (THPU) is designed to provide regulated pressure via multiple outlets for use in valve functioning applications.

Hydraulic power is provided by an air driven pump operated from the control panel. High pressure accumulators provide energy storage. Pressure can be regulated and limited by adjustment of the pressure regulating valves.


  • High pressure pump with maximum working pressure to 350 Bar and flow rate of up to 3.5L/min
    2 return outlets, plus hydraulic test line
  • 40L of accumulation
  • High pressure filter with 3 micron element
  • Hydraulic pressure regulator

DemobilisationEquipment fee per hire. Added at quote submission

Fee Per Hire


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Main Frame Carbon steel, painted for onshore applications
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1500 x 800 x 1329mm
Weight 500kg (Dry)
Media/Fluid Mineral oil
Operating Environment Temperature: 12.7 to 65°C
Relative humidity: 95% Max.
Maximum System Pressure Design pressure: 350 Bar
Maximum Output pressure Regulated setting: 50-315 Bar
Flow Rate Factory set point: 15 L/min
Accumulation 2 x 20L (Nominal)
Filtration 3μm (Pressure & return)
Inlet Air Pressure 8 Bar Maximum

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