Flushing Rig – 4000 LPM

Model : AW-3614

The flushing rig is designed to be used in flushing applications where flow rates up to 4000L/min are required.

Fully self contained within a 20’ foot container, this unit consists of custom designed filters for highest flushing efficiency as well as touchscreen controls, allowing the operator to monitor system


  • Variable flow rates
  • 4000L/min maximum flow capacity
  • 2250L carbon steel reservoir
  • 2μm, 5μm or 10μm filtration
  • 100μm mesh screen
  • Inline particle counter for continual monitoring
  • Positive displacement pumps

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Main Frame 20’ shipping container
Dimensions (L x W x H) 6058 x 2438 x 2591 mm
Weight 9000kg dry (approx)
Reservoir 2250L capacity
Media/Fluid Industrial mineral oils
LP Flushing System Flow rate: 1000-4000 L/min
Max pressure: 10.5 BAR
Motor: 110kW (VSD control)
Outlet: 6” ANSI 150# RF
HP Flushing System Flow rate: 150-730 L/min
Max pressure: 27 BAR
Motor: 37kW
Outlet: 2 ½” JIC Male