Flushing Rig – 6000 LPM

Model : AW-3615

The flushing rig is designed to be used in flushing applications where flow rates up to 6000L/min are required.

Fully self contained within a 20’ foot container, this unit consists of custom designed filters for highest flushing efficiency as well as touchscreen controls, allowing the operator to monitor system parameters and control the pump flow rate throughout the range.


  • LP system for large bore pipe flushing
  • 6000L/min maximum flow capacity at 5 BAR
  • 2500L/min minimum flow capacity at 7 BAR
  • 2250L carbon steel reservoir
  • 2μm, 5μm or 10μm filtration
  • 100 mesh screen on return
  • Inline particle counter for continual monitoring
  • HP system for fluid heating and/or small bore pipe flushing

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Main Frame 20’ shipping container
Dimensions (L x W x H) 6058 x 2438 x 2591 mm
Reservoir 2250L capacity
Media/Fluid Industrial mineral oils
LP Flushing System Flow rate: 2500-6000 L/min
Max pressure: 7.7 BAR
Motor: 110kW (soft start)
Outlet: 6” ANSI 150# RF
HP Flushing System Flow rate: 0-680 L/min
Max pressure: 23 BAR
Motor: 37kW
Outlet: 2 ½” JIC Male