Oil Dehydrator 107LPM

Demobilisation: $525.00
Model : AW-3507

The mobile dehydrator unit operates on the principle of vacuum dewatering to eliminate free and dissolved water and gases from hydraulic and lubrication fluids.


  • Efficient offline filtration system with high contamination retention capacity
  • Sensors for continuous monitoring of water content and solid particle contamination
  • Integrated heater to increase dewatering capacity for high viscosity fluids or low fluid temperatures
  • Mobile (with castors and hose attachment)

DemobilisationEquipment fee per hire. Added at quote submission

Fee Per Hire


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Operating Medium Fluid type: Hydraulic fluids
Fluid viscosity: 10…550 mm2/s
Fluid temperature: 10…80oC
Flow Rate 107 L/min
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1800 x 850 x 1960mm
Weight 660kg (dry)
Pump Rotary vane vacuum pump
Operating Pressure Outlet: approx. 0…6 Bar
Suction: -0.2… 1 Bar
Operating Environment Temperature: 10…40oC
Relative humidity: Max. 90%
Utilities Consumption 24.2kW, 415V/3~, 50Hz, 49A

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