Test and Flushing HPU, WG

Demobilisation: $525.00
Model : AW-3364

The Testing and Flushing Hydraulic Power Unit (TFHPU) is designed to supply low & high pressure tap water or water / glycol fluids for use in hydrostatic testing and flushing applications.

Main components consist of a 200L reservoir, LP pumps & motor, HP pump, recirculation pump, filter and an operator control panel. The low and high pressure circuits operate independent of each other and are controlled via the operator Control Panel.


  • 1380 Bar (20,000psi) pressure test capacity
  • Electronically controlled variable flow rate (max 52L/min at 160 Bar, variable speed drive controlled)
  • Mimic panel for ease of operation

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Fee Per Hire


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Main Frame AS4991-2004 & AS3990-1993 for dry onshore lifting and transport
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1400 x 1400 x 1475mm
Weight Tare Mass: 800 kg
Media/fluid Tap water, water/glycol fluids
Reservoir 200L
Operating Environment Temperature: 12.7 to 50°C
Relative humidity: 95% Max.
LP/Flushing System Max. Flow: 52L/min (variable)
Max Pressure: 160 Bar
HP/Pressure Test System Max Flow: 1L/min
Max Pressure: 1380 Bar
Drain/Fill Hydraulic System Flow Rate: 80L/min
Pressure: 5.5Bar
Filtration: 3 μm
Power Requirements 3 phase, 415VAC, 50Hz, 32A

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