Varnish Removal Skid

Model :

Air-driven filtration unit designed for polishing oil and varnish mitigation.

Main features:

  • Capable of removing both free and soluble varnish in turbine oil
  • Full mimic panel with pneumatic controls and indicators
  • Haskel pneumatic pump for continuous operation
  • Zone 2 Hazard Area rated
  • Pall depth filter vessel with diatomaceous earth for varnish mitigation
  • Inline filter with 3 micron absolute beta 2000 filter and antistatic media
  • Compact and robust carbon steel fabricated skid with option of wheels or forklift pockets
  • Pulsation dampener, flow meter, and needle valve ensures consistent flow and performance of filter media

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Fee Per Hire


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Hazardous Area Zone 2 IIB T3
Ambient Operating Temperature 0-40°C recommended
Mainframe Carbon steel frame designed for transport by forklift or wheels
Dimensions (L x W x H) 850 x 950 x 1300mm
Weight ~220kg
Media/Fluid Mineral Oil
Compressed Air Circuit Working pressure: 10 Bar
Flow rate: <0.5 s.m3 /min @ 10lpm
Filtration: 5 micron
Fluid Circuit


Working pressure: <6 Bar
Design pressure: 6 Bar Relief Valve Setting
Flow rate: 10l/min @ 6 Bar
Depth filter: K300 Media
Particulate Filtration: Filtration β(3) > 2000
Connections Air inlet: ½” Ryco 320 Coupling
Oil inlet: 1” Female coupling to ISO 16028
Oil discharge: ½” Male coupling to ISO 16028

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