Walform Machine

Model : AW-3450

The WALFORM machine creates positive-locking, weld-free tube connections that guarantee complete reliability, even under high static and dynamic loads.

Pre-fabrication and the elimination of hot-works reduce the risk of improper assembly – recognised as the biggest cause of failure in any tube interface.

System features:

  • Pre-fabricated cold shaped ends with captive seals
  • Machined-in pressure points that clearly indicate the end of the assembly travel
  • Reduced assembly torque
  • Suitable for steel and stainless steel tube with OD of 6-42mm
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Model M-WF385Xplus (made in Germany)
Mainframe Carbon steel frame with tool tray
Unit is housed within a 8×8 foot storage container
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1100 x 1200 x 1300mm
Weight 600kg (estimated)
Electrical 3/400V 50Hz PE, 2.8kW