Demobilisation: $525.00
Model : AW-3597

Portable and compact HPU designed to supply low & high pressure for use in testing applications.


  • 2 x HP outlets and 2 x LP outlets for testing applications up to 10,000PSI (690BAR)
  • Auxillary line for fluid transfer and kidney loop flushing (flow rates up to 25L/min)
  • High pressure, air-driven pumps
  • Mimic panel for ease of operation
  • Controls include pressure regulator, isolation and drain
  • Zone 2 Hazardous Area rated

DemobilisationEquipment fee per hire. Added at quote submission

Fee Per Hire


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Main Frame Carbon steel framed with fork pockets & lifting lugs Designed and tested to DNV 2.7-3
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1200 x 1200 x 1631mm
Weight 900 kg (dry)
Media/Fluid Water Glycol
Tank 250L
HP System Max Pressure: 10,000PSI
Max Flow: 0.5L/min @ 10,000PSI
Filtration: 3 μm
Outlets: 2 x 3/8” MP
LP System Max Pressure: 5,000PSI
Max. Flow: 4L/min @ 5,000PSI
Filtration: 3 μm
Outlets: 2 x 9/16” JICM
Auxiliary System Max Pressure: 70PSI
Max Flow: 25L/min @ 70PSI
Filtration: 3 μm

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