UNI 76 Electric Pipe Bender

Model : AE-4055

The Universal Electric Pipe Bender is designed to accurately and easily  bend pipes with large diameters. The optimal and constant bending radii do not deform the bent pipes: it is the ideal machine to satisfy every user’s exigency in the plumbing, nautical, hydraulic, industrial and plant engineering sector in general.


  • Three-phase, asynchronous, self-braking motor
  • Simple control panel with digital display for programming and controlling the required bending angle. It can store up to 50 bending programs with the possibility to store up to 9 sequential bending angles for each program.
  • Maximum bending angle of 180°
  • Supplied with quick guide positioner, 3 interchangeable outlet shafts, reinforcing tie-rod and guide support reduction
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Model UNI 76
Mainframe Spheroidal cast iron body on metal steel work base
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1000 x 710 x 1100 mm
Weight 430 kg (estimated)
Electrical 400V, 50Hz, 3/4Kw power

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